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Business Intelligence

How does this benefit you?

While organisations have broad vision and goals, many of them get distracted primarily because they do not monitor their day-to-day actions close enough. Organisations are generally besieged with problems of information and data retrieval from their systems. This results in the leaders taking action based on incomplete information. Our Business Intelligence solution helps you monitor your goals and results very closely in real time and with accurate and insightful analysis. With a significant improvement in your ability to take informed decisions, your goals are much easier to achieve than before

What do we do for you

Business Model development & optimization
business-consultants-in-mumbai Business Goals Mapping
erp-consulting-firms-for-tallyAutomated dashboards directly connected to ERP/ Tally
erp-consulting-services-mumbaiReal time dashboards on all important business parameters
user-based-erp-implementationUser based login access accessible on the go
erp-implementation-consultant-servicesInsightful charts and analysis prompting action
business-operation-management-indiaPeriodical review of business performance by our experts

How does this benefit you?

As business operations grow, the processes that worked earlier may not work efficiently or may expose the business to risk of fraud. We help you design & implement business processes that are scalable to growth in operations and has a good balance of internal controls and smoothness of operations – helping reduce inefficiencies. A well-oiled business process is critical to ensure that you can focus on business strategy.

Our team of qualified professionals have proven experience in study, design & implementing business processes in diverse business environments.


How does this benefit you?

With ever growing competition, today’s organisations have to be on their toes to deal with uncertain situations and competitor actions. An organisation which fails to see the trends and readings between the lines falls back in the race leading to significant costs and losses to come back in the reckoning. Analytics helps you to understand your present situation, diagnose problems and prescribe solutions which otherwise would be impossible humanly considering the volume of data that organisations deal with today.

With our insightful analytics services, we help answer all your critical business questions under the following categories

business-erp-implementation Descriptive
  • What happened?
  • How many, when and where?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Where should we look?
best-business-consultants-mumbai Predictive
  • What will happen next?
  • What will be the pattern?
best-business-consulting-services Prescriptive
  • What is the best action?
  • What if we try this?