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Business Transformation

In the ever-competitive business environment, the organizations that outpace the competition are the ones that make conscious and continuous efforts to maximize their strengths and reduce the inefficiencies. Our Business Transformation Services help our clients transform into a performance driven, self-sustained organization by identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) and building guiding principles adapting to the same.

Business Strategy

There is a reason why leaders in the pack are where they are. They place utmost importance to and dedicate significant energy to business strategy. This is critical since it is very difficult to change a strategy once adopted. A strong, well-founded strategy is like a strong foundation on which the strong tower of the business can stand. Conversely, an ill-founded strategy, or worse absence of strategy, would prove a major deterrent in reaching the true potential of the business. Uniformity of the direction in which all the decisions are made is a hallmark of a sound business strategy.

What do we do for you

Business Model development & optimization
business-consultants-in-mumbai Sales & Distribution Channel
erp-consulting-firms-for-tallyMake or Buy
business-consulting-firmsHire or Outsource
erp-consulting-services-mumbaiInventory model (stock or backfill)
user-based-erp-implementationIn-house production or Outsource
erp-implementation-consultant-servicesProcurement model
business-operation-management-indiaBuy or Lease

Financial Strategy

Maximize Return on Investment

Working Capital Cycle Optimization
business-financial-consultingReceivables Management
erp-implementation-managementInventory Management
best-outsourced-cfo-servicesCreditors Management
business-strategist-planningProduction Cycle Management
Capital formation & Funding Strategy
best-outsourced-cfo-servicessCapital expenditure for long term
virtual-cfo-services-mumbaiFinancing for Capital requirements

Location Strategy

business-consultants-for-InventoryWarehouseInventory / Warehouse
business-consultancy-services-ProductionfacilityProduction facility
business-operation-management-SalesofficesSales offices

Business Risk Management framework

erp-implementation-consultant-servicessConcentration risk - Customers, Sectors, Vendors, Products
cfo-services-mumbai-CreditRisksCredit Risks
cfo-services-for-FinancialRisksFinancial Risks

Business Process Re-engineering

A peek at the frauds occurring in businesses reveal that they occur primarily due to absence of good controls in the business processes that govern operations. Conversely, a very tightly controlled process runs the risk of inefficiency due to bottlenecks. It is, hence, very critical to define business process that maintains a good balance between controls and efficiency.

How does this benefit you?

As business operations grow, the processes that worked earlier may not work efficiently or may expose the business to risk of fraud. We help you design & implement business processes that are scalable to growth in operations and has a good balance of internal controls and smoothness of operations – helping reduce inefficiencies. A well-oiled business process is critical to ensure that you can focus on business strategy

Our team of qualified professionals have proven experience in study, design & implementing business processes in diverse business environments.

What do we do for you

We study and refine / define your business processes in following areas:
Procurement Procurement
Production Planning & Execution Production Planning & Execution
Financial ManagementFinancial Management
Delivery & DistributionDelivery & Distribution
Inventory HandlingInventory Handling
Resource ManagementResource Management